Jerusalem Web Professionals and PICO-Jerusalem Present Jerusalem Stories: Successful Internet Businesses
Founded in the year 1999 reached over 80 million unique monthly visitors worldwide and was sold for $127 million. All this started and was orchestrated in Jerusalem.
Come hear the story behind the success from Bob Rosenschein, the founder and former CEO and chairman of

Abe’s Market has been featured in Forbes, CNN, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, NBC, TechCrunch, Fast Company and many other publications
Their sales have multiplied by 10 in just two years, emanating from their Jerusalem office. Find out how they do it from Shai Davis, Director of Product at




Benchmark Capital Israel and JVP Studio are leading VCs on the Israeli scene. was one of the first IP telephony companies with offices worldwide, headquartered in Jerusalem.
These entities and many others have all been lead by Elie Wurtman. Come hear his story.



Join PICO-Jerusalem and J-Town Internet Services Ltd to hear some of Jerusalem’s most inspiring successful internet business stories. Meet Bob Rosenschein, Elie Wurtman and Shai Davis and hear their stories first hand.

Bob Rosenschein –


Bob Rosenschein is an American-Israeli internet entrepreneur. He is the founder and was CEO and chairman of, formerly GuruNet, until May 2011, when it was bought by Summit Partner’s AFCV Holdings for $127 million.

Mr. Rosenschein grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and graduated with a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1976. In his early career, Mr. Rosenschein worked for Data General, American Management Systems, the World Bank, and Ashton-Tate. He moved to Israel in 1983, where he worked as a software consultant.

In 1988, together with his brother, Dr. Jeffrey Rosenschein, he founded Kivun, later Accent Software. Its initial product was Dagesh, the first Hebrew/English word processor for Windows. From 1991-1992, the company consulted to Microsoft, helping design and develop Hebrew and Arabic versions of Windows 3.1. The company went on to develop multi-lingual software tools under the brand Accent. For the Hebrew Windows and Dagesh projects, Mr. Rosenschein was awarded the Prime Minister of Israel’s Award for Software Achievement in 1997.

In 1999, Rosenschein founded GuruNet, which created a 1-click popup Internet-based information utility. The product later became, incorporating both editorial reference and user-generated Q&A information. The company was listed on NASDAQ as Answers Corporation from 13 October 2004 until 14 April 2011, when it was purchased and taken private by AFCV Holdings.

Elie Wurtman – PICO-Jerusalem

elie-236x300Elie Wurtman is a serial entrepreneur, venture investor and technology-company executive. He has played an active role in several high profile start-ups.

Since 2006, he has served as a general partner and led successful investments on behalf of Benchmark Capital Israel. Prior to that, he served as chief executive officer of JVP Studio, a Jerusalem-based venture capital firm, where he focused on early-stage consumer and media investments. He also served as interim CEO at several of the firm’s portfolio companies.

Prior to joining the venture capital community, he co-founded and took public, a leader in IP telephony. As CEO he took the company from its founding to 60 points of presence globally with operations in 35 countries. Some of his other start-ups and investments include Ambient, TTR Technologies, Back Bay Scientific, Double Fusion, FilesX , Daz3D, GreenRoad, Ctera, IronSource, GigaWatt Global, Fulcrum Materials and Bat Shlomo Vineyards.

Wurtman has a Bachelor of Arts degree from both Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary and is active in several non-profit organizations in Jerusalem. He is married with 3 children and resides in Jerusalem and Caesarea.

Shai Davis – Abe’s Market

shaiheadshotShai Davis serves as the Director of Product at, a startup dedicated to helping customers live healthier, more natural lives.  Abe’s is backed by top-tier venture capital investors, including Index Ventures and Accel Partners and local VCs Carmel Ventures and OurCrowd.

During his nearly four years at, he has spearheaded many of the site’s core features. His most recent initiatives include the revolutionary Abe’s Qualities project to enable a far more personalized shopping experience that filters over 12,000 products through 220+ qualities, ranging from key ingredients to manufacturing techniques to dietary needs/restrictions, and the recent “magazine” site design to more tightly blend commerce and content to further build Abe’s as a branded lifestyle destination. He also led the team in building its sampling and loyalty programs, its new mobile-ready responsive design, and the upcoming Abe’s Services launch.

Prior to his work at, Shai served as Director of Communications at the PresenTense Group. He graduated Harvard with a joint degree in film and religion. He currently lives in Tel Aviv where he enjoys working on various photography projects in his spare time.


Monday, May 6, 2012
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